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The Double Pallet Trailer was designed to transport two pallets or only one, if so desired.  When transporting only one pallet, an extra set of lifting chains are used in order to put the one pallet down in the centre of the trailer.  This ensures that the weight is distributed correctly over both axels.
It comes standard with a 2.5 ton pallet jack, making this a complete pallet handling unit.

The petrol motor operates at almost idle and produces enough power to lift full loads.  The petrol consumption of the motor is approximately 2.4lit/hour which if equated to the time taken to load/offload the pallets you will be able to complete roughly 20 movements per 2.4litres.  The pallets sits on the trailer and therefore stability is greatly enhanced through the lower centre of gravity.

The weight of the trailer is ±1 100kg and the weight of the pallets in total can be ±1 200kg each.  This gives you a total GVM of 3 500kg.

The trailer is designed and built by mechanical engineers and is approved by the vehicle manufacturers and road ordinance authorities.  It only requires licensing and registration at the owner’s local licensing authority.  All necessary documents are supplied with delivery.


The cost of one complete Double Pallet Trailer - R 122,150.00 excl. VAT. Units are manufactured on order and on receipt of a 40% deposit and delivery is approximately 3 to 4 weeks from date thereof.  These units are manufactured in Worcester, Western Cape and the delivery cost is excluded from the price.

  • Axles: 1 800kg each
  • Coupler: 3 500kg
  • Leaf springs: 1 800kg/set
  • Wheels: 195.14” (spare wheel included)
  • Finish: Galvanised
  • Payload: 2 400kg
  • Loading and off loading:  Hydraulically operated.  2 x stabilizing supports at back included (hydraulically operated) Honda Petrol engine with controls in lockable cabinet
  • Measurements: 2 100mm wide, 5 000mm long, 2 700mm high
  • Weight: 1 100kg
  • Pallet Truck/Jack:2 500kg
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